Top 4 Myths of Home Inspections

October 7, 2019



If you’re planning to purchase a new home, it’s important that you hire a home inspector. While you know a home inspection is meant to inspect the house and find any problems, you may also be making some false assumptions when it comes to how a home inspection works. There are some myths out there when it comes to home inspections or home inspectors that we want to bust! 


You Can “Pass” Or “Fail” A Home Inspection

A home inspection won’t tell you if your home is acceptable to purchase. The home inspection report will show the homebuyer the issues that were found and whether or not the home is safe and with that information, the homebuyer can decide if they are comfortable purchasing the home.


The Reports are Impossible to Read

While understanding a full report can be tricky for some, many home inspection reports have a summary page that can be helpful! You can ask your home inspector to see a sample report that way you’ll know what format to expect when getting yours back. You can also ask questions for anything that might come up on the report to have a better understanding!


All Home Inspectors are the Same

Not all U.S. states require licensing for home inspectors, it’s best to check their credentials, certification, or ask about their experience before hiring them.


Scheduling A Home Inspection Can Be Tough

At Jones Warren, we’ve made it easier than ever to schedule an inspection. We give you the ease and flexibility of scheduling your own home inspection 24/7! Inspections start at $250 for condos and $300 for homes. You can call our scheduling line or schedule online today! 


At Jones-Warren, we’re ready to serve all of your home inspection needs and help crack any other myths that you might have about home inspections! Contact us at our Alabama office, 205.607.0031, or our Atlanta office, 404.793.3773 or email



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