Why You Need an Inspection BEFORE You Buy a Home

November 12, 2018


Buying a home whether for the first time or the tenth time is always exciting. It always feels like you are opening a new chapter in your life but do not let yourself be deceived by the looks. It is easy to get swept away in the excitement and miss some things. That is why you need a real estate home inspection completed by a professional in Birmingham, AL. No matter how old or new a house might be a home inspection is never a waste of money. You might not be able to see underlying issues with the electrical or plumbing, but a qualified property inspection service can and will.


It Can Save You Money


Many people balk at the initial outlay for a home inspection but that will seem like nothing a few years down the road when you realize you need to have the whole house rewired. That original expense becomes nothing. Another benefit is if the inspection does reveal structural or other issues, that can be helpful when you enter into negotiations for a lower price or to force the seller to make repairs. On the other hand an inspection may be able to allow you to back out of a sale.


What Should a Home Inspector Check For?


To begin with you should always be present for the inspection. An inspector needs to check:

  • The roof for material quality or for any damage

  • The foundation and the basement if there is one

  • All doors and windows for damage and sturdiness

  • The electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems

  • The attic if applicable

  • Insulation or lack thereof

  • The floors, walls and ceilings for structural integrity

This cannot be stressed enough, never buy a home without having a home inspection done. You can enter into the purchase of a home with confidence when you know exactly what you are getting. Contact Jones-Warren Home Inspection for your peace of mind.


We Recommend Interviewing Your Home Inspection Company




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