How a Simple Home Inspection can Save You From a Bad Buy

April 24, 2018

A house is more than just what you see on the outside (the outside of the inside too if you want to be all-inclusive). While a fresh coat of paint and brand new appliances are positive features, they don't fully indicate the quality of the home. What's underneath those layers of paint and above those beautiful vaulted ceilings is what you should be worried about.


Performing a home inspection before you buy is a must, and there are many reasons why you should do it. 

Underlying Issues

You walk into a home that was built in the past decade. Everything is brand new and looks so clean, you think there can't possibly be anything wrong with it. Until you move in and realize the foundation is cracked, there's mold under the floorboards, and the electric isn't up to code. Now you're stuck with all this work just because you didn't think a home inspection was necessary. Don't get caught up in the moment, be sure to have the house inspected before anything is contractual. 


Sure, you might have to pay for a home inspection now, but it might be worth it in the future. The old saying "better safe than sorry" is about as applicable as it gets in this situation. A few hundred now can save you a few thousand later. 


What's more fun than haggling? You do it at the farmer's market with the tomato guy, so why not take a crack at it with your house? The secret to successful negotiations is knowledge. Specifically, knowledge about any faults in the home. Performing a home inspection can reveal any defects that you can use to negotiate a lower price. 

Seller Obligations

The other nice thing about getting an inspection done on a potential home is that you can contractually obligate the seller to perform all repairs. During negotiations, you can not only bid for a lower price but also demand that the seller be responsible for any repairs.

The main reason you should perform an inspection is to know exactly what you're getting. Just like any other purchase, you want to do extensive research and that includes knowing as much as possible about the house. That means finding out things like if there is/was lead paint, any roof damage or roofing repair to the existing roof, any water damage, etc. You should also be sure to have an inspection done on your own terms. Many sellers will offer to have the home inspected for you, which can be great -- but make sure to hire your own inspector as well. Inspections typically only take around two or three hours to complete and could benefit you immensely.

If you're looking to complete a house inspection, contact Jones Warren today.


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