About to Sell Your Home?

The #1 reason Buyers cancel a sales contract is because of the condition of the home 

How does a pre-listing inspection benefit you?

Over 90% of Buyers will have a home inspected during their due diligence period.


A Buyer is also more likely to make an offer without an inspection contingency if one has already been performed and the report is shared along with information about any items you've had repaired.


This leads to a smoother and quicker closing process for everyone.

Avoid post-inspection renegotiations & cancelled contracts


A pre-listing inspection will greatly reduce many of the renegotiations that happen after a Buyer's inspection is performed. Obvious and newly uncovered issues create doubts with Buyers about the soundness of a home. As a result, they may ask you for a significant price reduction.

Allows you to fix problems 


When you know what issues you have before putting your home on the market, you are able to decide what issues to fix at a reasonable price with contractors you trust.  Addressing problems ahead of time will also ensure that you do not delay the closing of your home or lose the sale of the home.

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